Monday, April 2, 2007

House of sick

Well, after slowly working our way through strep the last couple of weeks, the real germs have decided to make themselves at home here. Last night Emma spiked a fever of 104. I stayed up a while, rechecking her, dosing her up with Tylenol, and finally sent her to bed when it was down below 102. This morning, Margaret woke up crying her throat hurts, so I sent her back up to bed with some tylenol, and went on to wake the rest of the crew up for school. They came down stairs with a rousing chorus of coughing. Checked temps all around, and only Charlie and EJ wer okayed to go to school. So I am off to the doctors for some more throat cultures this morning, and then amybe to buy some industrial sized bottles of tylenol, robitussin and maybe even amoxicillan if they'll let me!

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