Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, birthday season in Fitzville has officially come to a close. EJ blew out the 10 candles on his specially ordered, mom made chocolate chocolate chip raspberry cake, and then had the first big slice and sat back to watch the rest of the Wednesday night spaghetti crowd fight over the remaining slices. Nothing like a birthday falling on a Wednesday around here to get a guaranteed party!

Coincidentally, today was 'prize day' at EJ's school, so the lucky birthday boy had to sit for two solid hours listening to speeches given by various teachers and administrators. He was rewarded for all his sitting by receiving two math prizes, for getting top scores on two national math tests. Go EJ! And a big shout out to my big brother Jim (the rocket scientist) because Fitz and I both know the math genes did not come from us! Jim, you'll be happy to know those mathematical genius traits were passed on well.


patjrsmom said...

Happy Birthday, EJ! And congratulations Mom on another well done birthday season!

God bless,

blueliner16 said...

HAH! I can hardly spell math!
Way to go Eej! Happy birthday to all you birthday peoples! Each one of you all makes Aunt Chris and I so proud, we're ALWAYS talking about you guys. Hope to see you soon.

Uncle Jim