Friday, February 6, 2009

I am not old enough...

... to have a 17 year old daughter. But there you have it, Kaleigh is 17 today. She had a great night, as it was "Pops Night" at her school. Kind of a highschool acoustic coffee house. It was awesome. Kaleigh played a song on her own, and then did a couple of other songs with friends, including an awesome cover of "Picture" by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock. I will try to get a video up later, but the videographer skills of 10yo E.J. made me a little dizzy.

But seriously, a very cool night. I was amazed at the talent at our tiny little high school. And the guts! I could never have gotten up like that at that age. Or now. Or ever.


Amy said...

You have such gorgeous, talented children. Must be tough. :)
Oh, and Picture is one of my all-time favorite songs to turn way up and sing really, really loudly to. Kaleigh sings it just slightly better than I do. :)

Adoption Cubed said...

I can't imagine a better way to celebrate your 17th birthday than getting to sing one of the songs you've written on a stage! I can't imagine a better way to celebrate your daughter's 17th birthday than to watch her perform songs so beautifully and with such poise!

Thanks for sharing her talent with us!