Sunday, November 15, 2009

The answer my friend...

Pipo and I have been cooped up in a hospital room in Boston for a few days now. His kidney disease has relapsed, and he needed some IV fluids to get him back on par. He is doing well, but bored and awfully tired of hospital food and diet restrictions.

Last night, I had left my phone out in the van to recharge, as the battery was dying. I went out to the garage to retrieve it, not realizing it was almost 10pm by then. Almost realizing that the hospital practically goes into lockdown at that time of night. I could not get back into the building. I wasnt worried at first, figuring I could find someone on security to let me in. But I couldnt find anyone, and then I got lost, as this hospital has multiple buildings on both sides of the street that are connected.

My saving grace turned out to be Bob Dylan. Turns out he was doing a show right around the corner, and it was letting out just around the same time. At first I was a little thrown by the sudden hoards of people sharing the sidewalks with me... an incredibly eclectic group with a broad age range. I was on my cell phone with Fitz, who told me about the concert. I relaxed instantly, knowing that if these were all Dylan fans, they were bound to help me!

Sure enough, everyone I asked was more than understanding and helpful, and I was soon directed into the right part of the building to get back in.

So thanks Bob... “On a night like this, I‘m glad you came around.“


kayder1996 said...

Hi! I'm responding to a comment you left on my blog about satin lined fleece hats. I'd be happy to make you something in the colors/style of your choice. You can contact me privately at to discuss specifics with me.

kayder1996 said...

I forgot that I started on a large sized boy hat a while back and haven't gotten it finished. It's for a stocking hat and is sage green with two stripes: a rusty orange corduroy and a stripe with basketballs. If you're interested in that, I could show you a photo of it so far. Or you could get one to match your winter jackets,etc..

KelseyChristine said...

Haha, wow that was lucky!
Fun to find your blog again :)

steffany said...

Are you serious?
Thanks Bob!
How's Pipo doing.
I had no idea you were still blogging. So glad you left a comment.
I can't wait to catch up on your old posts.
Can I add you to my list?