Friday, September 21, 2007


See these flowers. These beauties here are of the "OhmyGodIdon'tknowhowyoudothiseveryday" variety. Every so often, something comes up that requires me to be gone earlier than the kids are up and off to school. When this happens, Fitz is 'mom' for the morning. Every time this has happened I have gotten flowers that day. Every time.

Most morning Fitz has to be at school early to give guitar lessons. He wakes up in a nice quiet house, has a shower, a nice cup of coffee sitting in his rocker in the kitchen, and then drives off to school. Approximately 10 minutes later all he## breaks loose. This is when I need to get 7 kids up and dressed, 6 of them fed, lunches packed homework checked, backpacks filled and make the rounds to the 3 schools. Oh, and that doesn't include the 3 days a week our baby friend is here.

So while I was on a train headed into Boston with Pipo for numerous Dr visits and tests, Fitz got to experience a 'mom morning'. Aside from the 'interesting' outfit Emma had on and the fact that she did her hair herself (I wrote the teacher a note to excuse myself from responsibility for these things) and that the 2 younger kids needed to use toothfairy money to buy lunches because someone forgot to make them and they were late, Fitz did a great job.

All joking aside (though all of the above was true) the man is amazing. He pulled it together after the kids were off, and I came home to a spotless house that night, and dinner ready to feed the masses. It was Wednesday night and we had 17 extras for dinner. But somehow I walked in to that clean house, with dinner spread out buffet style, friends waiting and my husband handing me a glass of wine. And flowers to boot. I love this guy.


Becky said...

Amazing...what a great man and husband!

Nobody said...

Thanks for stopping by. We are transplants from New England. Not sure where you are located, but how do you find being a transracial family there? We seem to stick out like a huge sore thumb in the very rural, white area we live in currently. But not in horribly negative ways. Just being so darned conspicuous all the time! Congratulations on your beautiful family.