Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big brother

Poor little Tommy has pneumonia, and we came home yesterday with a bag full of meds. He is not too happy about the 2 different inhalers and 2 yucky tasting liquid meds. Ths morning, as I was trying to get him to take everything, Pipo (the king of meds!) came over and sat in front of Tommy, telling him he knew how hard it was, and giving him advice on how to do it the best way. Finally, as Tommy started to get teary, Pipo ran and got his stash of candy and small toys from down-town trick or treating, and told Tommy if he was good he could pick anything.

Pipo knows as much as anyone how hard it is to be sick and have to take meds, but even beyond that, he can be such a great big brother. Tommy has the advantage of getting lots of one on one with him as well, as he is usually tagging along on all Pipo's trips to specialists in Boston. And he just thinks Pipo is the greatest.

There are so many factors you think about when bringing a new child into the family, especially a larger family. So many different interconnected relationships and adjustments to make. I am incredibly thankful for how well all our adjustments have been. Yes, we have our moments when they all bicker like any siblings will, but all 7 of them truly love eachother and have fun together. And what more could a mom want.


Becky said...

What a blessing!

patjrsmom said...

I love this story and I know exactly what you mean! We are so truly blessed by our older adopted children aren't we?


Cloudscome said...

This is so sweet!