Tuesday, October 16, 2007


When we were first married, we had a big 100lb lug of a dog, named Guinness of course, because he was black and tan. He looked like a huge, dark wolf, but was about as viscious as a marshmallow. I loved that dog. He was my companion, best friend, protector and partner in this crazy mom thing. Even though he was about the least aggressive dog I had ever seen, he was fiercely protective of the kids. If anyone came in the yard when the kids were out, he would walk in a big circle keeping between the person and the kids. Tail wagging the whole time, but no one was getting near his babies. He slept under the cradle or crib of whoever was the youngest in the house at the moment. When a new baby came home, he would just re-adjust. Once, when we were up in NH and Margaret was only months old, I had placed her in a bassinet up on the dining room table while we unpacked. Guinness came running up to me with one of her onesies. I laughed, and took it fom him. Then he came up with a bottle. I laughed again and put it away. Next it was a pacifier, and this was just too much. As I took it, he started pushing at me with his head, and I finally realized he didn't know where she was. I lowered the bassinett so he could see her, and he walked off, content.

When Guinness died I was heartbroken. I couldn't walk down the pet food aisle for months without my eyes filling up. I told Fitz I never wanted another dog, as he could never be replaced. But in 2003, when Tommy was just months old, Fitz came home one afternoon with a puppy in his hands. He told me "kids need a dog." Maizy was a tiny,scruffy, timid little thing. She was cute, but she was not my dog. I have always been a big dog person, and this little furball would never do. I think for that first year, I didn't even like that dog. She wasn't Guinness and I deeply resented that. When the kids used to be acting crazy and silly, I swear Guinness used to look at me and roll his eyes, completely understanding. When the kids act crazy and silly now, Maizy is right in there with them. On nights Fitz worked, and I was home alone, Guinness would jump and pace at every sound, then come up beside me letting me know he was on guard. Maizy will hide under the couch. While Guinness would be on watch on the side of the road, protecting the kids from the street, Maizy will chase their bikes right in the middle of the road, and then lay down in front of cars.

Almost 5 years later, I can truly say I love this dog. She is not Guinness, but that's not her fault. She puts her paws over her eyes when I am mad at her. She dances on her back legs when Fitz gets home from work. She will wrestle with Charlie for hours. She sees big dogs walking by and jumps in the van to bark at them from safety. She buries every little treat you try and give her. She is goofy and silly and timid, and I can't imagine this family without her.


Becky said...

So sweet. Your Guiness reminds me of "Nana" from Peter Pan.

Life in Fitzville said...

He was a lot like Nana!

Life in Fitzville said...
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patjrsmom said...

I love your black and tan Guiness~what a clever name!