Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Off to Australia...

Not long ago, Charlie spent the night at a close friend's house. Afterwards, the mom told me that the boys had some post-graduation plans already. Big plans. They decided that when they turn 18, after they graduate, they are going on a big trip together. A great big adventure. They will travel to New Zealand, Africa, Australia....and... New Jersey! I have no idea how New Jersey made it's way into that line up, but these boys are excited about it!

Ever since making these plans, Charlie has become fairly obsessed with Australia. It might have something to do with one of his favorite summer camp counselors being Australian. It might be because of the really cool animals there. Whatever it is, Charlie has become quite the expert on the country and is glad to share all the little interesting facts he knows with anyone he meets. Anyone. Even the checker at the grocery store.

So it wasn't a huge surprise that Charlie's only request from Santa this year was an Australian bush hat. (And maybe a didgeridoo, but that's another story). He wanted this bush hat badly. Desperately. And he talked about it and wished about it constantly. Every. Single. Day. His last words before dropping off to sleep last night were "I hope, hope, hope Santa brings me an Australian bush hat!"

There are absolutely no words to describe the look on this boy's face this morning when he opened that hat. Absolutely priceless. Oh, to be 7 again.


Becky said...

My hubby is totally obsessed with Australia too. What a cute picture.

Kathy said...

Cute picture! My daughter fell in love with an Australian young man at mission camp at Merritt Island a couple of years ago. He was probably 22 and she was 4!

Cloudscome said...

This is magic. Wonderful post!