Friday, February 29, 2008

EMHE update

Today is the reveal... the "move that bus!" day. After much thought, we have decided not to go. It is in the single digits right now, and people are already heading over there... at 7:30 am! The family won't be there until after 2, so these people are going to be standing in the freezing cold for hours and hours... no thanks! As a concession, I told the kids we could take the shuttle over last night to get a glimpse. That is the new house behind them. It really is an incredible scene. I've always wondered if they really do a whole house in a week... and yes they do. Actually, all told, it was about 4 days from the time they demolished the original house. Last night they were doing most of the 'finish' work. It's an amazing thing to watch. Volunteers with bright blue shirts swarm everywhere... some were laying down new turf, some were carrying trees, others were unloading furniture, people were finishing up on the roof. Everywhere you look there are small things being done. A modern day barn raising.

I am so incredibly happy for the Giunta family. They will be in a much better place now, and with a lot less stress than they have had the last two years. I will also be happy to get our little town back to normal... it's been an insane week! They are expecting 5000 people or more today. ABC is saying they have never seen anything like this. (Though I wonder if they say that in every town!) The episode will air in May. I will give a heads up when the date gets near. It should be an amazing show.

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