Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday season

It's birthday season here in Fitzville. Now is the time that people all seem to ask me how old all the kids are. And my standard answer at the moment is "it depends which day you ask." Charlie just had his last week... Emma turned 7 today... Margaret will be 11 on Thursday, and E.J. will be 10 the following week.

We are all gearing up for the annual Memorial Day bash here on Monday. It's amazing to me that 11 years ago, we were celebrating Margaret's 1st birthday, and a new (to us) house. I was past my due date with E.J. It seems a lifetime ago. Each year, we added another baby, and another cake. Emma is the youngest of the birthday crew, and at 7 has the world in her hands.

There is something magical about 7. I can remember being younger, and thinking if i could pick a favorite age to be, it would definitely be 7. As a teacher, 7 year olds were my favorite as well. 7 is just old enough to be joining in the big kids games and really getting it. It's just young enough to still believe in everything. It's gap toothed smiles, and dirty knees... it's first one up in the morning and last one to drag up to bed, begging just one more drink. It's princesses and fairies and ballet dresses, It's best friends and secrets and playing dress up.

Happy birthday to my self proclaimed princess.

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Jim & Laurel said...

Our birthdays are stacked up, too. In January, we have 5 birthdays in 6 days.

Party on ...

Laurel :)