Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today is... track, followed by 'Little Warriors', followed by fencing and irish step, followed by softball/baseball, followed by a Spring concert, followed by soccer.

Wouldn't it be great if time was relative? If you had a really busy schedule, you were just alotted more hours that day? Like a timer you could set... I would only set it for a few hours on Mondays.... but I would add a hefty amount to Sunday mornings, just because. Today I would like about 4 or 5 more hours. Even just one hour... to let me slow down a little for all the in-between times of getting the kids all here and there.

***Update... So I get a call as I am running around that the Doctor who Charlie and EJ are on the waiting list for has 2 openings for 3pm today, can I do that? Ummm, sure... just...one...more...stop.

I happened to glance down and notice the shirt I am wearing. Why did I not already know what shirt I was wearing? Because on days like today, it's pretty good that I make it out of the house dressed. I grab whatever is on the top of the pile and throw it on. Don't even ask what my hair looks like. But I obviously grabbed the right shirt...

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