Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 years tonight

Tonight we celebrated Pipo's 3 year anniversary.  It's amazing to me how quickly it's gone by, and how much he has grown and changed in 3 years. That first night, Fitz had to carry him upstairs to bed, because he was to weak to climb the stairs. This Friday, he will compete in his first wrestling match. (Well... first 'real' one, on a team... as opposed to the frequent matches in our basement between brothers!) It's hard to believe this strong, confident boy was that same weak, sick little thing that came into our lives 3 years ago.

Pipo requested Korean food tonight, so Fitz very happily took him out while we made a cake for him.

Good thing he was full of korean food... he decided to share the cake with us!
This last shot is just because. I can't believe how old he is looking.


mayhem said...

Happy 3 Years! Pipo, you're a pretty amazing kid!

JourneytoFamily said...

Happy 3 year anniversary! What an amazing transformation from when you brought him home!!!

Kathy said...

What a change. He's a real trooper.

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Congratulations to you and Pipo! He is such a handsome boy; love his hair and that last photo.

Happy birthday to your Tommy too!

And I love your Christmas photo!

Peace & love,
K at Chapter Two

ange said...

I followed you over from Smiles and Trials and wanted to say we too only do 1 kind of sock. We have 3 different sizes for 8 kids and me, we do large ones (white for older), we do medium with pink toes for middles and me, and small whites for the youngers. We throw out all old socks once a year and start again fresh. We don't pair them just throw them in the bin for their size.
now I gotta read through your blog :)