Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cartwheel Boy

I have mentioned before that Charlie puts the capital H in adHd. He has always taken every physical outlet to a whole new extreme. His 'thing' for the past few months has been cartwheels. He does cartwheels everywhere. Cartwheels in the hallway, in the grocery store, on the sidewalk, in the middle of a soccer game... I will even throw in some pictures of Charlie doing cartwheels in the kitchen. Recently, Fitz and I met with a psychologist who is doing some testing on Charlie. She asked about his activity level, and his impulsivity. We mentioned the cartwheels to her. Later that afternoon, I stopped by her office to drop off some paperwork. I had 4 of the kids with me, Charlie included. Yep... right in the waiting area, as I am speaking with the psychologist... a cartwheel. At least it was a good example for her.

But lately, the cartwheels seem to have taken a new toll. I bought Charlie some new sneakers recently. By recently, I mean a week and a half ago. The other day I noticed some stitching coming undone. These were good New Balance sneakers, so I wasn't happy to see them falling apart after just a week and a half. So the next day I brought Charlie and his new shoes down to the shoestore. The very nice shoe man, who has been working at our small town store for decades, looked at the shoes and told me that Charlie has set a new record. If it was just the stitching coming undone, we could call it a defect. But this boy had worn much of the tread off of the shoes in several different places. In the words of the shoe guy "It's like he's some kind of machine!"

Laugh if you want... you are not the one buying shoes for this kid.


Kathy said...

Wow. Imgaine if he throws that energy into changing the world. Look out world! : )

mayhem said...

Very impressive cartwheels!

(I really like your green floor!)

Renee said...

I confess I laughed ;O

Sorry! I have one that puts the AD in ADHD.. I am glad to know who has the H.

JourneytoFamily said...

Wow... that's insane!!! I love the pics! (and also your green floor!)

Becky said...

My hubby is Mr. ADHD so this cracked me...sorry. My MIL would tell you..."he'll grow up to be a very nice man and great energetic father". All of this it true!

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Oh my. You couldn't even get a photo without a blur. And I though my son was quick to wear out shoes. Your boy wins that award, umm, prize, err, mama's strike at her pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My 7 year old ADHD beautiful daughter has been in the cartwheel phase for the past few months. She does them everywhere you som did. It's making me crazy. When will the cartwheels stop?!?!? What can I do? We have a trampoline and she uses it all the time plus soccer, dance, gymnastics, and yoga. She is very active but she still can't sit still - she always has to be doing cartwheels.