Thursday, January 22, 2009

Phone Rage

Anyone who has spent any time trying to finagle their way through an automated phone system has experienced phone rage, haven't they? Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I am just losing my mind, but give me a good old fashioned human being on the other end of the line anytime.

I had a question with USCIS today, and called their handy customer service line. I then spent over a half an hour listening to various options which had nothing to do with my question. None of the options was to speak to an actual human. Eventually, after listening to the 4,783 options, you are given one final option... to press this number to return to the main menu, which of course will send you through the 4,783 options all over again.

As I sat there with my blood pressure rising higher and higher, I started to get a little delusional, and heard some new options...

Press 1 to scream into the phone

Press 2 to throw the phone against the wall

Press 3 to break something

Press 4 to hurt someone physically

Press 5 for anger management classes

Or something like that... tell me, am I alone in these feelings? Am I really losing it?


Laurel said...

I am right there with you. I HATE / DETEST phone "options". Just give me a human being ... preferably one that speaks English.

I am generally a very calm person ... but talking to a computer can REALLY get me going. The best are the ones (like an airline) that say, "What city please?" "Seattle" "Was that Chicago?" "No. SEATTLE!" "Was that Detroit?" "NO!!! SEEAATTLLEE!!!!" "I'm sorry ... I cannot understand you. Please press #1 to go Los Angeles. #2 for San Fransisco. #3 for Orlando .....(with, of course, no options for Seattle)"


Matt Sexauer said...


I hope this helps.,,sid9_gci1163748,00.html

Easties and Co. said...

Hahaha! I am not kidding when I say that I was JUST doing the same thing about an hour ago. I had a simple question about a possible update/change needed on my I-600A. I call the number. I listen to a million options that are sooooooo long and drawn out and all over the place (I mean really, how many services can one phone service provide?). None of them fit my simple discription. So, I finally hung up. I don't know how to get my question answered. But what I DO know is that wasn't it. :)


Donovans Mom said...

I'm with you Denise! Sometimes "0" will bring you to a real person. I've also pretended that I do not have a touch-tone phone in the beginning. We changed primary care providers because we couldn't stand their phone answering system!