Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Way cool...

Caribbean - July 2008

Fitz and I have talked lately about how thankful we are for what we have... especially these days. Things are always tight, and we scrape by, but we do it with fun and love and purpose. One of the things I am most thankful for is the experiences we have been able to give our kids.

All told, I have had it pretty good my whole life, but if there is one thing I regret, it is the lack of traveling I have done. Fitz has been around the world, and the big joke when he tells his stories is me saying "I've never been anywhere..." He promises me that someday I will be able to venture out of my little New England bubble.

My oldest daughter Kaleigh, however, is fairly well traveled for a 17 year old kid. Last summer, she had the amazing opportunity to spend a month in the Caribbean through the incredibly awesome Summer camp Fitz and I work at... Windsor Mountain International. Today, we officially found out that this summer, Kaleigh will be spending a month in Peru, in a full Spanish immersion program. How cool is that. I fully admit I am living my life vicariously through Kaleigh, and I am incredibly excited for this opportunity for her.

Every summer, Fitz and I must say a hundred times how lucky we are to have camp be such a huge part of our lives. Even before these trips, Kaleigh had such awesome experiences just being part of camp while we worked. And now, all 7 kids are getting so much out of it every summer.

We are just counting down the weeks now... the kids ask me regularly, "how much longer until camp?"


Kathy said...

That's a really nice header picture.

I have traveled because my husband was military and then to Haiti of course.

Laurel said...

My kids all traveled the world long before I did. But, this past year, after 24 years of parenting, I spent 6 weeks in Ghana, 2 weeks in Argentina, and went on a cruise to the Bahamas. What a year!

Currently, I have "kids" living in Argentina, Jordan, and Germany. And, I just found out today that another one of my big kids will be leaving next week for 6 months in Qatar.

So, watch out if you get the kids hooked on travel. They may just up and leave you home alone.


Adoption Cubed said...

Oooh I love summer camp! I've been missing my summer camp dates and looking at opportunities to get back involved. I think it is great that your family goes together.

I really do think travel opens your eyes to so much! How exciting for Kaleigh and her summer opportunities. I think it is a gift as a mom to love your kids and to allow them to have as many experiences as they can!