Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why is it...?

The other day we were getting ready to go to church, and I played the nagging wife role perfectly. "Are you really wearing that?" and "But your hair... it's, like um... sticking up everywhere!" I had just spent a frantic half hour making sure the kids did not have gaping holes in the knees of their pants, or stains on their shirts.

Fitz laughs whenever I get like this. He tries to convince me that no one will care if Tommy's shirt matches his pants, or if Emma's pigtails are uneven. But I know the truth. Everyone will be watching.

Why is it that when a family (especially a large family) goes out in public, the husband and wife are viewed so differently? If it's the typical chaos, and someone's shoes are on the wrong feet, someone's hair isn't brushed, someone buttoned their shirt wrong... people look at the dad and thing "Oh, that poor, hardworking guy... just trying to support that big family of his." But when they look at the mom, they are thinking "Man, why can't she get her act together? Those poor kids... she has so many of them she can't possibly care for them properly!"

I know society thinks this way. So for now I will keep spit-slicking my husbands hair down on the way to church, no matter how many times he smacks my hand away.


Eastiopians said...

Lol! I love big families. :)


mama bear said...

So funny, I used to be guilty of being internally critical of moms with lots of kids. Now I am one and I feel the pressure of outward appearances. I had to bite my tongue last Sunday with what my husband was wearing to church. To top it off he was on the worship team! Yikes.

Renee said...

Too true, too true.

Adoption Cubed said...

Good question!!! Why is there a different standard for moms and dads? I use to get annoyed when Brad would ask me what "I" want the kids to wear when he helps get them dressed for special occasions. But honestly? It saves me from having to re-dress them!

KelseyChristine said...

Good point...I wish it wasn't so true!

Jill said...

Not sure how I found your blog but I am enjoying it! Before I would take my eight children out with me shopping (or whatever) I would often "exhort" them to put a smile on their faces, to neaten up a bit etc. and I would say,"The world says that large families are a burden but God says many children are a blessing! When we are smiling and happy and well-cared for we are being MYTH BUSTERS and .....!". I didn't realize how often I said this until one day I caught one child rolling her eyes at a sibling and whispering, "Here mom goes with her 'Myth busting' talk again". LOL!