Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Schemin' and Dreamin'

The kids are all home today, as we have a family dentist apointment in an hour. I love our dentist...he just blocks off an entire morning for the crew, and has the hygienists double them up to get us all in and out. Though the last time we were in, a young guy came in and saw all the kids in the waiting room and said "How cool...is this like a town program or something?" Uhmmm, no.. this is my family.

But since we are all home, the kids have been taking advantage of the slow start and having a lazy breakfast. The boys decided they would plan their lives out, starting today. After a discussion about what they planned to be when they grew up, it was decided that EJ would be an engineer, Pipo a chef and restaurant owner, and Charlie a marine biologist. Immediately, the ideas started to flow. When all was said and done, the final product was this... EJ will design a waterside seafood restaurant for Pipo to own and manage. All the walls will be built in aquariums, with feeding stations on the outside decks, for local sealife. Charlie will be the onsite 'sealife manager' tending to the aquariums. They were all pretty happy with this plan, sitting back with big grins, dreaming about their future together. Until Tommy piped up with "What about me?" All three brothers decided instantly that Tommy would be a waiter. "Or maybe a feed boy" said Charlie.

Poor Tommy... it's tough being the youngest.

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KelseyChristine said...

haha I like their idea!