Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring in New England

Spring has finally arrived here. No matter that there is still snow on the ground.. it is time to break out the shorts and the soccer balls! With daylight savings time early this year, there is even more time for the kids to get outside. It's amazing how that first true Spring day hits you... it's like being reborn. Even with all the running around we do with Tae-Kwon-Do, Little Warriors, CCD etc. , I still feel like we hibernate a bit in the winter. No one stands outside to socialize when picking kids up. We don't spend much outdoor time at all unless we are sledding, and even then, you are bundled and trying to keep warm, so it's not that social. But the days are suddenly warmer, and longer, and we are seeing neighbors and friends out and about. A wait all winter for this. I live for the days I can sit out on the front porch swing and watch the kids riding bikes out front, yelling "Hi" to the neighbors getting home from work.

A new thing in Fitzville this Spring is tapping our Maple trees. I don't know how much syrup we will end up with, but the kids are loving the process. They rush home every afternoon to check the buckets and carry them in to pour them into the boiling pot.

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