Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stupid Nice cop...

So Fitz is on vacation this week. Monday, we were each running all around getting errands done. Tuesday, he had a lot of work to do to get ready for making his new CDs, so I took Tommy off for the day to give him some peace and quiet. Wedenesday, he left to go do some recording, and I was going out with a friend. For some reason or other we were both in grouchy moods, snapping at eachother for no real reason.He left early, and as I was getting ready to go, he called to tell me he had just been pulled over somewhere South on 95. He said it was a cranky female cop who had run his plates and saw that his registration was not valid. She ended up having his car towed, so I needed to come pick him up and sort it all out. When I got out there, he was in an even worse mood, and down about everything. We started our paper trail for getting the car back, going to Concord to pay an old parking ticket. He ended up getting a haircut while we were there, and hanging out with the boys in Strop and Blade helped his mood a bit. Then off to Maynard, checking our excise taxes, and getting proof of insurance. By now, it was almost 70, and not a bad day to be hanging out downtown Maynard. Then off to the registry in Framingham and back to Wellseley to where the car had been towed. By that time, we had just spent most of the day hanging out together, something that has been very rare lately unfortunately. I have always wanted to believe that things happen for a reason. Sometimes it takes a while to work out what those reasons may be. But sometimes it slaps you right in the face, and you find yourself driving down a beautiful back road, on a rare 70 degree March day, holding hands with your best friend. I want to find that cop and thank her.

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