Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big Day...

Not just a big day, but a HUGE day here in Fitzville. Pipo made his First Holy Communion. I posted back in February about literacy and mentioned that we had an issue at church about whether or not Philippe would be able to have this day. They tried to tell us that because he couldn't read yet, he couldn't make his First Communion.

Rule number one... don't get Mama Bear angry, and angry I was. We fought that battle, and he ended up finishing the year in a new class for CCD and had his special day today. As I posted after his baptism, this kids faith is amazing... to deny him this day would have been just plain wrong.

But all this has me thinking about fighting battles. We have had a few small battles to fight, and some not so small such as this one. I knew jumping into transracial adoption would not be an easy simple thing, but like most other things in life, you just don't know 'til you're in it. I am realizing that we have a long road ahead of us with fighting battles, and with teaching Pipo to fight his battles as well. But what I realized after this whole experience is how fierce my love for him is. I always want to believe I love all my kids fiercely, but rarely is that tested with my others. When someone slights any of my children, I get my back up. I know that Pipo is much more vulnerable to being slighted, and because of that, I think my back goes up a bit quicker.

All this said, church is the last place I expected to have to go to battle for him. I am glad it is past us, and has been resolved, because it was a beautiful day. He was incredibly proud, as we were of him.

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patjrsmom said...

What a beautiful picture and what a special day. I know exactly what you mean about fighting those battles, and about realizing you'd go to the mat for your adopted kids just as quickly as any other. Congratulations!