Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spring Fling

After a late Wednesday night spaghetti dinner/jam session, I was geared up for the kids to be slow moving today. But they were up at 6 am raring to go.... I forgot it was "Spring Fling" day! Every year, the playground aides get together and plan a big "spring fling" for the kids. Recess is turned into a virtual luau, with hula hooping, limbo contest, and Jimmy Buffet blaring. Lunch is "soda fountain" day, with a cookout, milkshakes, and popsicles for all.

It's a fantastic day for all the kids, and the staff really gets into it as well, with hawaiian shirts and leis. Going back to my pre-kid teaching days, I remember how hard this time of the year is, especially at an elementary school. It is so hard to keep their attention when the sun is shining and the playground is just outside the window. My own kids have all been racing off the bus each day, ready to jump on their bikes, or run out into the yard and dig in the garden. The "Spring Fling" is such a great way to break up this 'home stretch' we are in before summer. Makes me think everyone should have a "spring fling" day... throw on your own hawaiin shirt, skip out on your responsibilities for an hour or two, and run outside to play.

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patjrsmom said...

What a lovely picture! And what a great idea for the kids. I used to teach when I lived out in the Northeast (and before our third child was born) and I, too, remember what this time of the year was like. It is arguably harder on the teachers than the kids--same went for snow days! ;-)