Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Yesterday was the beginning of birthday season here in Fitzville... we have four birthdays over the next couple of weeks.

At Charlie's request, we went out for breakfast, just he and I and my mom, to celebrate his birthday and Mother's Day. I couldn't have come up with a better idea myself. With 7 kids, finding one on one time is always a struggle, and a morning like this is always incredibly special for me as well as the child. It always reminds me of how special they each are uniquely. ANd Charlie is no exception.

The one thing everyone who meets this boy says is that he is "just so happy!" It's true... he was honestly born smiling. I know they will all tell you it's gas in a newborn, but even the nurses commented on how he just seemed to have a continual smile on his face. And for 7 years, that smile has hardly left his face. He is the first one up in the morning, always with a smile, and the first one with a kiss goodnight, again with the smile. It's hard for anyone else to be in a bad mood around him.

Recently, someone emailed me that they had found this article online. I wrote it right after Charlie was born, I can't believe it is still online. I can't believe I only had 4 kids once!

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