Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lobster Feast

Tonight was the annual Fitz family lobster feast at Nana and Papa's. Most of the kids like to just suck on the little side legs, but Margaret has always loved lobster. We have discovered that Pipo loves lobster too. Actually, I think love is too mild a word... this is a child after my own heart he is crazy for lobster. He tore that thing apart like no tomorrow, and didn't waste a single scrap of lobster meat!

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After a long day on the beach and then the lobster feast, we sent the kids up to bed so the adults could enjoy dessert and coffee. Not long after, as my aunt and uncle were leaving, Uncle B called out that we should come look "and bring the camera!" Apparently Emma was too tired to make it all the way upstairs to bed!


Heather said...

Another thing we have in common: LOVE OF LOBSTER! I wish Pipo and Margaret's lobster attitude could rub off on Kyle and Owen -- they look at us like we're crazy for eating a "lobber"!! Anyway, what I really wanted to comment on is Emma sleeping on the stairs!!! What a total riot that is! She'll love seeing that photo when she's older! How funny is that?!!

patjrsmom said...

I never have been a lobster (or any other fishy type food) lover, but I am a HUGE lover of Pipo's hair! I was just telling my mother-in-law yesterday that I've seen some really cute boy's hair styles (Pipo's being one of them) but I don't know how to do it! Can you share your hair secrets?! :-)

Life in Fitzville said...

LOL! I was thinking how fuzzy his hair was looking, I am re-dong it this weekend. I shave everything but the top, and the top has grown out to about 4-5 inches now. I do that in two stranded twists. I would like to get them to loc, but so far he has not had the patience to let me retwist every few days, which I would need to do in the beginning.

Have you ever been on the Yahoo adoption hair/skin care board? It's a great resource for kids hair and skin. Some really cute girl hairstyles.

patjrsmom said...

Thanks for the tips! I haven't ever been on that Yahoo group--but I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks again!