Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Driving to the beach today, I was listening to the kids chatter away in the back of the van. Apparently, Emma had told one brother or another that she actually has 11 fingers. There was a big discussion on whether or not this was true, and frighteningly enough I found myself thinking "hmmmm". It made me stop and think of the sometimes blind, perfect view we have of our children. Was it possible that Emma really does have an extra finger and I had never noticed? It might explain her amazing ambidextrous, simultaneous writing ability she has had since she could hold a crayon.

Now of course I knew it wasn't true, and Emma was just trying to pull one over on her brothers (once again), but it did make me stop and think. Perhaps it's the blind, unconditional love that makes them all perfect in my mind. Or perhaps it is the sheer exhaustion of keeping 7 kids busy in the summer that has fogged up my brain... but I did surreptitiously look at Emma's fingers when we got to the beach.

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