Friday, August 31, 2007

One on one

The kids all started school this week, except for EJ, who is off to Fenn with Fitz next week. He has had a week home with just Fitz and I and little brother Tommy. With 7 kids, it's not too often that they get pure one on one time. We make an effort to do this, but it is usually a story read, a quick trip to the store etc. And of all the kids, EJ is the least demanding, the most agreeable, the one who is always 'okay'. He's an easy one to overlook because of all those things, and Fitz and I try and make a conscious effort to not overlook what an amazing kid he is. It's one reason why I am so happy he will have this year on his own at Fenn.

So this morning, I walked Emma and Charlie to school, and EJ asked to come along. It was a gorgeous 70 degree morning, and we had nothing to hurry back for. So after dropping the little ones at school, he and I walked downtown to get breakfast. When we do spend time with each of our kids one on one, we quickly remember what a joy it is, and this morning was no exception. I had forgotten how EJ, in his quiet way, notices all of the beautiful little things that we miss in our hurry for life. We stopped to listen to a morning dove, dropped leaves in a drainage grate to watch them wash away, and stood on the bridge going over the river and noticed how low it has gotten with the heat of the summer. He also talked to me in his soft, soft voice about his quiet excitement in starting his new school. He is not much of a talker, usually willing to sit back and listen, letting all of his siblngs take over. From the moment this boy was born everyone has called him an old soul. There is a peace around him, that just makes you relax when you are with him. A morning alone with him was exactly what I needed today with this hectic beginning of the year.


Becky said...

What a sweet day. It's so nice to get that special time with kids...expecially the easy-going ones:)
PS How are you related to Jane?

Life in Fitzville said...

Thanks Becky!

I'm not related to Jane... we just read eachother's blogs!