Sunday, January 20, 2008

Australia bound...

So the saga continues. He is still wearing the hat and the vest... he has rarely taken them off since Christmas morning. The other big surprise on Christmas morning, was a note in Charlie's stocking saying that Santa's elves could not get a didgeridoo in time, and they would leave one for him in Washington. (This is after the "elves" at guitar center promised santa that it would be here overnight) Sadly, there was no didgeridoo in D.C. either, despite several calls to the 'elves' and several more promises.

Finally last week, a very long package arrived at our front door. It was the long awaited didgeridoo. It arrived with help to the 'elves' from the wonderful Uncle Jim and Aunt Chris. The 'elves' are not on my good list this year but Jim and Chris have certainly upped their status as favorite aunt and uncle with one little boy!

And now we have the luxury of listening to a 7 year old boy trying to learn circular breathing all day long.

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