Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thankful.... again

It's been a long few days. Tommy's little stomach bug didn't get much better, and he ended up in the hospital on IV fluids. By today, he was a new kid, and ready to go home. Our hospital is 5 minutes from our house, and because it is so local, I kept seeing people I knew which was very comforting. A teammate of Kaleigh's was recovering from knee surgery just 2 rooms down. I sat there, thinking about how lucky we are to have a good hospital so close. This summer, when Emma had her stitches, we were down the Cape and had to drive 40 minutes to get to the hospital. I remember being thankful that it wasn't something more serious, and appreciating more than ever how close our hospital here at home is.

As I thought of all this, it made me think of how much time Pipo has spent in the hospital. His village is very fortunate to have a hospital run by the Saint Boniface Foundation. For many people, they are thankful to be able to walk all day to get medical help. Children die regularly from things like the little stomach bug Tommy had. A couple of bags of IV fluids doesn't seem to be a big deal here, but in Haiti it is life-saving. When I think of how serious Pipo's issues are, I am in awe of what the doctors in Haiti were able to do, given their limited resources.

One more time, my son has opened my eyes, humbled me, and made me appreciate every small thing available to me in this country.

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