Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day...

There is not much better here in Fitzville than a snow day that falls on a Monday, giving us a bonus long weekend. Fitz was equally happy about having the day off as he was about having the day with the kids. After a lazy morning, and a big chili lunch with a pack of neighbor kids here, we herded them all up (neighbor kids included!) and headed to the local hill for some sledding. While the kids were careening down the hill, Fitz and I struck up a conversation with the dad next to us. At one point, this guy laughed and said that he had "lost the draw" with his wife, and got stuck staying home with the kids for the day. Fitz and I smiled, nodded and gave eachother the eye. Neither of us could fathom thinking of spending the day with your kids as "losing the draw". But it's amazing how many times we have heard similar comments from people. Are we really that crazy for liking spending time with our kids?

Pipo is not much for cold, and while the rest of the crew was out in the snow all morning building forts, he was inside building a new lego birthday present. I am amazed at how far he has come, that he will patiently read and follow directions for a project this complex!

And the absolute best part of this snow day... For Christmas this year, Kaleigh gave us a gift card to a local restaurant, with a beautiful note telling us how much she appreciates what we do for all the kids. That in itself was an awesome thing, that she is old enough to be out spending her own money on us, and truly appreciates us. So we decided to take advantage of it tonight, and she had offered to babysit, since the kids would be in bed early anyway for school tomorrow. It was a great night out (Yes, we love spending time with the kids, but mom/dad time once in a while is nice too!), but the nicest part of all was coming home to a spotless house! And I already mentioned the pack of neighbor kids who were here today... the house was not in the best shape when we went out tonight. So this daughter of mine paid for us to have dinner, watched her 6 siblings and got them off to bed, and then cleaned the house while we were out... what did I do to deserve this kid? She is truly an amazing kid.


patjrsmom said...

What a great story, but I have to admit~this is your DAUGHTER? I have spent months reading your blog now and I thought the picture of the young woman in the header was YOU!!!
Anyway, she is lovely and very thoughtful.

God Bless,

Life in Fitzville said...

LOL Jane... she will be 16 next month.

Kathy said...

Brrrrrrrrr. I grew up in snow but it's been a while. Sledding is fun, shoveling out cars is not.

How nice to see all the parenting paying off.

Becky said...

It took me months too to figure out that the young woman in the photo wasn't you! What a wonderful daughter! Oh, and can you rent her to us?

julie said...

My kids would be so jealous. They would love to live where it snows.

Your daughter sounds like a very special young lady. She must have wonderful parents to have grown up so nicely.