Monday, June 11, 2007

8 Random things about me...

PATJRSMOM Tagged me for this. I know I am supposed to tag 8 other people, but I am such a newbie to the blogworld, the only people I could think to tag are people I have been reading 8 random things about already! But thanks for christening me into the tagging!

1. I was a college hockey player. Icehockey... no skirts on this chick!

2. Of our 7 children, only one wasn't planned. And surprisingly, this was our adopted son! But I can't imagine a better surprise!

3. I hate shoes. Sneakers, I can't have enough of... but I honestly hate wearing anything else. There are pictures of me in my wedding dress in a pair of Chuck Taylor high tops. Green.

4. My husband was a highschool soccer coach. I was a player on an opposing team. We didn't know that then, but my mom was quick to point it out when we started dating... he is 10 years older than me.

5. I am a chocoholic. I sneak it, and even hide it from my kids.

6. I have a lead foot. I have gotten much better being a mom... but I can't tell you how many warning notices I got when I was younger. Not tickets... just warnings. (I was really, really good at looking sad!)

7. I am very competetive. My husband will not play Scrabble with me anymore.

8. Photography is my latest passion, and I have dreams to start doing it professionally someday.


patjrsmom said...

Are you quite certain you don't have family (perhaps a sister?) who grew up in CT? I laughed out loud at how much alike we are!
Sneakers(whoever started the tennis shoes thing?)...check
Lead foot...check
Thanks so much for playing!

Becky said...

Great to meet you (in a far off internet sort of way). Thanks for your postings on my blog. It was fun to look at your blog and read your 8 random things. You have a gorgeous family!

Sherri said...

What? You hate shoes?? But you are female! All females LOVE shoes! :P j/k

I also have games that people won't play with me cuz I get way too competitive :) Glad to see we have some similarities. And, as always, I enjoyed the read.

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

What is a magnadoodle?????Seriously I have never heard of it or can I even picture it in my mind!!!

Thanks for stopping by...

I am a science teacher, and still love it. I imagine working as a teacher has prepared you to be a mom of 7...


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Found it, thanks I'll run out and buy one!!!