Saturday, June 9, 2007

Extreme Fashion

The other day I went to a presentation in Emma's Kindergarten class. The class had produced a book made up of little stories written by each of the kids. It was called "How To" and each child explained how to do something. There were many sweet little stories of "how to plant a flower" or "how to help my mom sweep the floor" or even "how to help with my baby sister". Not Emma. Emma wrote about "how to jump off the high dive". This alone would have been funny enough, but what made it even funnier was the extreme detail she went into when describing her bathing suit. Yeah, sure the dive tower was 10 feet high... but my bathing suit was a pretty blue with 3 green flowers across the front, and skinny straps...

My daughter, the extreme sports fashion model. I can hear the announcer 10 years from now... "And now wearing a floor length Versace and bunjee-jumping from a height of 100ft, Emma FItz.

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