Tuesday, November 13, 2007

8 Random things about me...

1.) Despite all these instruments hanging on the wall, I am musically illiterate. I am married to an awesome musician, and have 7 kids that are picking it up quickly, but sadly, none here in this blood.

2.) My favorite adult author

3.) My favorite kid author

4.) My favorite late-night indulgence

5.) My blogging companion (sitting by the computer)

6.) My favorite material possession... I love this necklace, each kid has the name and birthdate engraved on the back

7.) The color of my hallway...it is called "feel the energy green"... no joke. I was tired of the dark hallway, and this sure brightened it up!

8.) What I am doing tonight... Tuesday night soccer is the one thing that is all mine, where I can escape the craziness here in Fitzville for a blissful 2 hours


patjrsmom said...

These are great pictures and the color of the hallway against the black and white photos is just stunning!


Cloudscome said...

I love these! Your green wall is so beautiful and cheery with those kid pics! The turtle is pretty cute too. I used to have all my flutes hung on the wall, but in this house I don't have room. I love your warm brown wall of music. Wendell Berry is one of my favorites too. Thanks for playing!

Kirsten said...

I saw that you commented on my blog and it was just two days ago that I came across yours (very ironic). I love your large blended family (we are still at the start of that dream). So I just wanted to say hello and say thanks for the comment. p.s. I love that color green!
Kirsten Hany

Courtney said...

I love the green wall with the black and white photos. Beautiful!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

We have a wall of instruments in our living room too!!! Interestingly all the instruments hanging are my husbands who is a Biologist by degree and a writer/editor by profession....I am the one with a degree in music and I have nary an instrument hanging LOL I think there is a pic of our instrument wall on my blog under "house reshuffling" if you are interested.

As for the green wall. I LOVE it! Our bedroom is a similar but deeper green. I remember the paint name was guacomoli..and that is exactly the color LOL.