Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I have discovered a bonus to having 'hair time' with Pipo... beyond the one on one it gives us. It's also an opportunity to pass on some more of our great American culture. I have always let Pipo watch a movie during that time, and he had always wanted some kind of cartoon movie. Now that he is older, and can understand more, he is open to watching more "grown up" movies.

Sooooo, we just finished the last of the Karate Kid series. Next I think we will start on the Indiana Jones movies. Hey, if I need to put all this time and effort into his hair, I might as well get to relive some of my 80s days, right? All part of the payoff for being a mom!


Becky said...

So much fun and GREAT hair too. We love the Indiana Jones movies!

Beverly said...

He has such pretty eyes.


Cloudscome said...

His hair looks great! You are amazing.

Renee said...

Thankk you so much for visiting my Blog. I have to tell you I have been coveting your son's beautiful hairstyle for awhile now. It is AWESOME.

I would love to know how you do it.

You family and your sense of humor bless me every time I visit your Blog.