Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Been slow to update the blog here, with all the craziness of 7 kids and a holiday approaching. But I will take a few minutes this morning to be thankful. I am incredibly thankful for my kids. The snowman above was created in the backyard yesterday... a group effort. The plan yesterday was to get the house cleaned up and have everyone pack right after school so that we wouldn't have as much to do today, and we could take off early. But who could know it would be the first real snow of the season. And who can deny kids that first snow. So after a frantic few minutes digging out old mittens and hats, the kids were outside until it was dark out. Even with my schedule thrown off, it's hard to be mad with all the screaming and laughing and pure togetherness that snow brought.

So packing was done later than usual, and this morning there was a trail of children marching down the stairs with backpacks and sleeping bags and pillow, and even more happy laughter anticipating a few days with cousins. By 6:45am, there was a full blown, full house Star Wars battle going on complete with light sabers. By 7:05am we were in the car headed to school with Black Horse and the Cherry Tree blasting and all 7 kids singing along loudly, with more laughter.

I will be doing all the cleaning and packing of the car myself while they are at school... but no complaints here. I am thankful. Thankful for my kids. Thankful for laughter. Thankful for pure joy on a dark, damp morning.


Beverly said...

great snowman! fun memories in the making.


Becky said...

Whoohoo! And....thankful for you can pack;) I love the snowman, very Fall snowman. I wish we lived around the corner from you so many times when I read about your family. Now I'll think of you when I hear "Big Black Horse...". Happy Thanksgiving!

Cloudscome said...

YAY that sounds so fun! Thank God for all these children and their crazy laughter in the dark.